Kimberlee Hendricks Bio

       Born into a racing family, my earliest memories are in my Fathers professional race machine shop or at the track. Watching him drive, Crew Chief and manage pro race teams was inspiring. I worked under his "always perfection" guidance building race motors, cars and setting up chassis that eventually fueled my desire to become a professional driver. Racing to me is addicting and undeniably exhilarating! Every day at the shop or the track I have learned something new and have overcome challenges. Meeting motorsports people and the fascination of it all drives me deeper into the sport each day.

Racing Highlights

2015 SCCA CFR Champion

2017 Daytona Int'l Speedway Track Record

2017 SARRC Champion

2017 SCCA CFR Champion

2017 Florida Cup Champion

2019 Sebring Int'l Raceway Track Record

2019 Florida Cup Champion

2019 ARCA 1mi/under and Road Course Approved

Sprint Race Stats: 50 starts, 37 wins and 13 podiums

Endurance Race Stats: 11 starts, 3 wins and 8 podiums

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Located in Daytona Beach, FL

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